Creating a sustainable women’s collection

Since last fall, I was exploring ideas to create a fashion line that was sustainable and yet main-stream. Researching strategies and looking for materials became an obsession. It is very challenging to find fabrics and findings that can be ordered on a small scale and obviously they were beyond my reach. At time passed, my design brief evolved. I will post my full story after presenting this sustainable and inclusive women’s collection. If you would like to see it with me, join me @MNHistoryCenter



Wardrobe 80/20 Rule

Just read an article on Forbes

I looked at my own and my kids dressing habits and found Pareto’s 80/20 Rule applicable. We wear 20% of the wardrobe. Analyze those items and see why? Is it the style, color, quality, universality, or something else? Why not just focus on having those 20% and spend money and resources on those. You really do not need the other 80%. Why croud your closet.

Screening of the movie “The True Cost”

It was an honor to initiate the screening of the movie “The True Cost” at St. Catherine University, and bring in the director  Andrew Morgan @Andrew_Morgan for the panel discussion. The panel also included St. Kate’s faculty from #Philosophy and the #Apparel, #Merchandising and #Design department @stkate. It was a huge success.


GiveUsWings Design Challenge 2015

A student’s statement on this fabulous project:

“Student work created with donated materials to raise awareness of global social issues. Give Us Wings is a non-profit organization providing hope and education to women and youths in Kenya and Africa. St. Kate’s students were inspired by the organization and African culture to create unique designs. They were showcased the Give Us Wings Fashion Show (November 2015) to motivate awareness.”

This challenge is an evidence that we all can be change makers! This particular project brought meaning to the student change makers and to the young women in Kenya who were also the inspiration. We can do good in our simple acts.